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Global Vision is the Comprehensive Magazine for the world international elite.

From interviews with business leaders to reviews of international cultural agendas. Global Vision provides its affluent readers with an overview of all the matters relevant to their lives, for business and pleasure. A dedicated team of journalists, correspondants and contributors guarantee full coverage of the world’s current affairs, business stories, cultural events andlifestyle trends. To better address our reader’s interests, the magazine is divided into the following regular sections:

Global Eye:    
Pictures that are striking the world. The power of images.

Global Places:    
an in-depth analysis of outstanding news in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia/Pacific.

Global Perspectives:    
The highlights of the market by experts in the sector.

Global Visionaries:    
Interviews with the world leaders and decision makers, such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Forbes, Rudolf Gulliani and Bill Clinton.

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